Innovation Hub for Girls

Innovate, Collaborate, Create

What is Innovation: The Wharton School of Business & and others have pioneered and operationalize Innovation Tournaments for commercial development. Since then, it has been adopted and successfully implemented by Corporation as a tool for driving new business and creating new products and services. Innovation Tournaments are used for problems solving, large or small, internal or external. A culture of innovators can only be created by implementing the right framework and tools then teaching students how to use them. At SpringBoard we are providing this framework and workshops for students.

Welcome to SpringBoards’ The Innovation Hub for Girls, to apply click here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How will this work? Very much like a “think tank” except it will use SpringBoard’s Framework for Innovation. The framework includes a process for discourse and deliberation. It includes modern tools to guide the students to a relevant solution to the problem space.

Prerequisites? No experience necessary, you don’t need a technology background to participate. The best teams are usually a diverse mixture of social, business, technology & math intellectuals with a passion for

What will we do? Students will meet for a series of workshops in the Fall, Winter and Spring. There are 4 workshops in total. In the first three workshops students will learn how to: Innovate, Collaborate & Create. The fourth (4th) workshop students will be provided a problem space and asked to deliver a solution.

What will the solution look like? The deliverables include a canvas & prototype as well as pitch deck. The students will be required to work as a team to create these deliverables and present them to stakeholders and other business professionals.

How can I participate? To be part of the innovation hub for girls click here to apply. If you are selected you will receive a welcome email with meeting details.

How long does it last? The short answer is 12 months.

What age group? Middle school and high school students are welcome to apply.