SpringBoard is working with our University Partners to offer college credit courses at zero cost to the students. Students will get the full experience in our program and we will mentor them to success.

What did our Students Accomplish?

  • College Application
  • College Essay
  • Placement Essay
  • Registration
  • Online Tools
  • 3 Cr. Transferable To Any College (approx. value = $3,000)


The Areas of study will be: Data Science / Data Analysis, Cybersecurity and Web Application Development.

After the first year we would like to have the students placed in non-paying summer-internship positions at organizations. After the second year the goal is to place the students in a paid summer-internship program.

In order to create a school-to-workforce pipeline, SpringBoard is partnering with organizations to accept our students in their internship programs.


SpringBoard has been running successful Entrepreneur workshops for the past four years.  The goal is to bring this program to High School students so that they get a better understanding of the fundamentals for creating and running a business.

By using a modern approach students will learn the following:

  • Week 1: Value proposition/Customer
  • Week 2: Business Formation
  • Week 3: How to finance your business
  • Week 4: Marketing/Branding/Sales
  • Week 5: Business Model Canvas
  • Week 6: Practicing my pitch/Closing