Student Testimonial Corner

I am Armando, a current Junior at Hempstead High School. This program is great because I learned new things about the field of technology and I am now more interested in pursuing this as a career choice. Technology may seem complicated but it is incredible how it works and how it helps us all. I would like to create new technology in the future in order to help other people in society. I like that you can use technology to create software and machines that can help to create cures for sick people. I am thankful to this program and the opportunity to take this course because it is very important to learn about how technology works. I think everyone should be informed about what we learned throughout this class. This was my first college course and I hope I can take more relevant courses in high school like this one.

– Armando, Grade 11

My name is Jason. I will be a Junior come September. My experience with the program was great. I enjoyed the course because it taught me new things including, how some websites are programmed and how to detect if a website is protected or not. After taking this class, it made me think about considering a possible career in this field. I think this class is important for everyone to take because it teaches you a lot about technology and how it works.

– Jason, Grade 10

My name is Neha. I am currently a Freshman at Hempstead High School. The program was very interesting and the class was very easy to follow. I learned about how our computer, internet and web works. This was my first time I took a college class and I found it to be a great exposure to the college environment. Overall, this course taught me what I can learn in the field of technology and the career choices that are possible.

– Neha, Grade 10

My name is Stanley. I will be a Junior in the Fall at Hempstead High School. I am thankful for this program because I got exposure to what a college course is like and I learned about the basics on how technology works. I learned many new things, for example, what binary codes are and how they work. I enjoy animation drawing and this course provided me with more information. In the future, I would like to be an animator. I think everyone should take this course because it gives you a good opportunity to learn about a field that is important and can be used in the future regardless of your job occupation.

Stanley, Grade 11