Workforce Development Structured Cable Technicians training course at Wyandanch High School.

Technology, Education & Opportunity

What Do We Do …

We provide Educational Programs delivered as a set of innovative courses, curriculums and workshops with an emphasis on Technology. We teach Robotics, Coding, Data Science, Machine Learning/AI, Cybersecurity and Digital Literacy. We also provide workshops for Entrepreneurship, Mentoring and Business Development.

Who are our Customers ..

Our customers are School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Community based Organizations and local Municipalities. We are vendors / providers, bringing our Educational Programs into focus to complement our customers and help them to achieve their goals for their students, members and participants.

Why Do We Exist ..

As the digital and “knowledge” divide continues to widen so do the skills necessary to be successful in school and career for communities of color, the marginalized and underserved. Our mission is to bridge this digital & knowledge divide and create Pathways to Success in careers, education and workforce.