Welcome to Springboard Incubators Inc.

Dr. Steven C. Lindo, Chairman and CEO

Our goal is to make meaningful change in the lives of our children and adults, such that they will have an opportunity to achieve their dreams of becoming successful professionals. Sustained change can only happen if we take a personal interest in each others success. That can only happen if we are giving our time, talent, and resources in the most altruistic of ways. This is SpringBoard. SpringBoard is the first of its kind serving the community at large.

“Education and opportunity
together can eliminate
or reduce poverty”

“I believe that education and opportunity are two of the major ingredients that can eliminate poverty & elevate struggling communities. 

They go together, you cannot be successful if you only have one and not the other. To address this problem, we have created a technology & business incubator called SpringBoard.  Join us and reimagine how technology education and opportunities can be created for everyone.

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President (EVP)

Mr. Merton A. Owens, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President (EVP)

Our approach is to create awareness and then build pipelines that will provide a clear path for each of the students to opportunities, internships, colleges, or the workforce.

“My commitment to service is focused on seeking out and supporting the underserved and the forgotten. Let us teach a new generation how to be effective users of technology who can leverage tools to improve their personal and professional outcomes”