Our Vision

To have a vision is to have an idea of what you want to be. Our vision is to create Pathways-To-Success in education, careers, and business. To create momentum for the digital and knowledge-empowered society where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams.

A Vision for Success

Our Mission

SpringBoard Incubators is a 501(c)(3) organization of entrepreneurs, educators, and thought leaders who are passionate about addressing the digital and knowledge divide in communities of color, the marginalized, and the underserved. Our mission is to bridge the digital and knowledge divide and create pathways to success in careers, education, and the workforce. It is for this main reason that SpringBoard exists.

Your Mission is Why You Exist

Our Mission is Education

Our Values

We acknowledge the problem of the Digital Divide, and we are actively providing solutions in this space. However, we believe that access without knowledge is ineffective and leads us to become consumers of technology and not creators. We believe that success today is a direct reflection of one’s Digital Maturity. Your “values” are linked to how you will behave. So, how will we behave?  We will take a personal interest in each person’s success. This is the core principle that is at the root of everything we do at SpringBoard.