Skilled IT Training for Workforce Development

Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR) HempsteadWorks and SpringBoard Incubators Inc have created a Pathway To-Success Training Program to create job opportunities for students/applicants that are interested in the workforce for Skilled IT Training. HempsteadWorks is an organization that helps students, job seekers and employers create a path to success in their career of choice. The courses offered are Engineering Test Technician, Structured Cable Technician, and Data Analyst-Level 1. The goal is to deliver a list of skills that will allow students/applicants to be job ready in their field of choice.

Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Our goal is to build a diverse talent pipeline for these positions.  Our mission as an organization is to help bring more students and minority candidates opportunities to work towards attractive paying positions. Education and opportunity are the major ingredients that can alleviate poverty in struggling communities.  You cannot be successful without both of these ingredients. We are delighted to have partner’s like HempsteadWorks, DOOR and the Town of Hempstead that shares our mission and vision for Diversity Equity & Inclusion.  

Eligibility Requirements

DescriptionYes / No
Students/Applicants must be eligible/ provide basic documentation stating they are legal to work.
1. If Students/Applicants have been laid off from their employer (Not fired for cause), they must be eligible for unemployment insurance and will be categorized as Dislocated Workers.
2. If Students/Applicants are receiving low income assistance like: Public Assistance, English Language learner, etc they will be categorized as Adult Funding.
Students/Applicants must provide any Barriers like: Single Parent, Veteran, Sex Offender, Over 55, With a disability, etc.

Description of Skilled IT Training Courses

Engineering Test Tech

After completing this course participants will have the
necessary skills to work in many industries including
Advance Manufacturing. Participant will learn how to provide
standard testing evaluation reports and health check reports
as an Engineering Test Technician. With this, applicants will get hands on experiences throughout the course.

Structured Cable Technician

After completing this course, participants will be job ready with
the necessary skills to work as Telecommunications
Installers and Repairers. This is an important skill for
Construction and / or Technology Companies. This course
teaches participants efficiency and effectiveness in data
cabling needs, proper equipment handling and installation of
access control systems.

Data Analyst – Level 1

Data Scientist are in high demand in all industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy, and Manufacturing.
Participants will acquire big picture understanding of the
data analyst role by exposure to various tools, such as
Python, Tableau and SQL basics to created effective and
impactful reports practicing with real-world data mining

Learning Outcome of Skilled IT Training Courses

Engineering Test Technician

When students complete the course, they will walk away with knowing the Solid analog and Digital circuit design capability with strong troubleshooting skills to component levels. Students will also learn the ability to work from electronic schematics, etc.

Structured Cable Technician

Students will walk away with Reading & understanding specifications, instructions and using critical thinking and planning of projects. Also, using best practices and industry standards in mounting and installing telecom and other equipment, etc.

Data Analyst – Level 1

Students will have an understanding of Data Visualization with Excel, Tableau and Python. Included will be, Conceptualize data presentation formats for various audiences (clients, customers, internal/external) etc.