Dr. Lindo is the co-founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of SpringBoard Incubators Inc.  SpringBoad is a 501(c)(3) organization located at 50 Clinton Street, Suite 600, Hempstead, NY. 11550.  SpringBoard’s main mission is to bridge the digital-divide and knowledge divide in STEM.  Their educational programs and workshop focus on preparing students interested in pursuing higher education and careers in IT.  As incubator and business accelerator, their main goal is to provide the essential services that helps startup, and struggling business owners overcome the hurdles that they are facing.

He has over 31 years of industry experience and has a passion for business and technology.   He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Hofstra University and earned his doctorate at Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science.  Dr. Lindo currently teaches at Hofstra in the School of Engineering, department of computer science.


Springboard’s Co-Founder, Mr. Merton A. Owens Sr. is Vice President of a global multi-billion dollar organization. With more that 40 years of management experience, Mr. Owens is responsible for over 600,000 sqft of space in the Empire State Building. He is responsible for running several multi-million dollar projects concurrently. He is an innovative and inspiring leader in all aspects of his professional and community activities. Mr. Owens gives his time, talents and resource to uplift and restore communities in the Bronx, Westchester & Long Island. Mr. Owens is a true philanthropist, making major contributions to underserved communities in not only in New York but also in the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora at large.

“My commitment to service is focused on seeking out and supporting the underserved and the forgotten”


SpringBoard’s Leadership team includes Mrs. Melissa Murchison, MBA, a highly successful entrepreneur and owner of three major franchises in the New York area. She is a seasoned Banking Compliance Professional that leads by example. Mrs. Murchison sets the bar high for herself and for others. He organizational and management skills coupled with her drive and determination makes her the complete professional.

“Education and opportunity goes together like cars and fuel, you won’t get anywhere if you only have one or the other.”