Although the technology industry drives progressive change and enables communities around the world to innovate and evolve, it has not championed gender equality nor supported promotional opportunities for the women in their ranks.  Women are often hired for entry level positions, but overlooked for managerial positions because there are fewer of them in the workplace. the issue of the “broken rung” continues to be pervasive in the world of technology.

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“There’s no better time than now to build a pipeline for women in tech”

– Forbes Magazine – 1/11/2021

Join us for an afternoon panel discussion with Senior women who are leading technology work, policy creation and decision making in their respective organizations. The panelists will share their professional career journeys, speak about the challenges for girls and women who have a desire to actively pursue careers in the field of technology, and predictions for the future pipeline.  Participants will also engage in small strategy sessions to brainstorm on approaches to solve the “broken rung” and create a vibrant pipeline for girls and women in the future.