SpringBoard Animation Pilot

SpringBoard Animation Pilot – by Brandon L

In February 2022 I had the idea of opening an animation studio. Of course, it will take some time & effort, but I am very passionate. Passionate enough that I’m willing to put in the effort. Weeks went by and before I knew it, it was March. I had to rethink my actions. Then the CEO of Springboard suggested a workshop, a “pilot”. Students from local high schools can come in and learn the basics of animation, a course that most colleges would teach but high schools did not. We decided to plan our upcoming “pilot” for the summer of 2022.

As the months of planning & collaborating with other schools & youth programs went by, we hired a brilliant instructor name Lopez. He is an awesome animator. He downloaded a free animation program called Kirita which is simple for the students to use. Then the big day arrived. On August 27th, 5 students came in ready to learn the basics of animation. It was a free open house that would run for 2 hours. The 5 students certainly enjoyed their time with each other. 2 of them were high schooler One high schooler was Eva. Her younger brother, Jaden was in middle school. This pilot was geared towards high schoolers but her brother showed interest in the program and so we allowed him to come along too.